We are 2 french PE teachers sharing their experiences of Tech implementation in PE since 2011. Now, it's time for international sharing !


Tablets are so useful for students and teachers. It's a perfect tool in a gym, on a field or in swimming pool. Discover why and how could tablets find a place in your PE teacher bag !

Avoid a false start with tablets !

10 Commandments for tablets augmented PE

Our A-List app in PE !

Apps for PE : the A-List

Robotics & iOT

Robotics and coding represent both a specific subject and a new way to learn. But, it's time to implement robotics in other subjects to better understand our world, even in PE !

wOw Glass® by PhysEdTech

Adobe Spark Page

My drone is my trainer !

My Parrot MiniDrone is my trainer


It'is not always easy to keep students focus on physical activities. Gamifying PE in a way to keep students involved. And it's also fun. You'll find some advices to build your own games !

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